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Livije je zaljubljen u Lucillu Maksimo je prije bio zaljubljen u nju. Zanimljivo, oba glumca koja su igrali Grakha u Spartaku i Gladijatoru , su u prethodnim filmovima igrali Klaudija - Charles Laughton iz Spartaka je glumio Klaudija u filmu iz Od nominacija, film je osvojio 48 nagrada.

Bilo je kontroverzi oko nominacije za najbolji originalni glazbeni broj. No, par je osvojio Zlatni globus.

Film je prvi put objavljen na DVD-u Izvor: Wikipedija. Trajanje min. Arhivirano s izvorne stranice The Films of Ridley Scott , str.

IGN pristupljeno The Empire Strikes Back pristupljeno Gladiator Film and History , str. Winkler Scholia Reviews ns 14 Billboard Biz pristupljeno 9.

Gladiator Review. Chicago Sun-Times pristupljeno Internet Movie Database. Imenski prostori Stranica Razgovor. Hans Zimmer Lisa Gerrard.

SAD Velika Britanija. Portal o filmu. Starije dijete Marka Aurelija. Nedavno je ostala udovica. Djimon Hounsou. Oliver Reed.

Derek Jacobi. He stabs Maximus before the match to gain an advantage. Despite his injuries, Maximus disarms Commodus, whom the Praetorian Guard refuse to aid.

Commodus then produces a hidden knife, which Maximus drives into Commodus's throat, killing him. Maximus succumbs to his wounds. Before he dies, he asks for political reforms, for his gladiator allies to be freed, and for Senator Gracchus to be reinstated.

Maximus's friends and allies honor him as "a soldier of Rome", at Lucilla's behest, and carry his body out of the arena, leaving the dead Commodus behind.

Juba visits the Colosseum at night and buries the figurines of Maximus's wife and son at the spot where he died.

Juba promises to see Maximus again, "but not yet". Gladiator was based on an original pitch by David Franzoni , who wrote the first draft.

Not a classical scholar, Franzoni was inspired by Daniel P. Mannix 's novel Those About to Die , and he chose to base his story on Commodus after reading the Augustan History.

In Franzoni's first draft, dated April 4, , he named his protagonist Narcissus , a wrestler who, according to the ancient sources Herodian and Cassius Dio , strangled Emperor Commodus to death.

Ridley Scott was approached by producers Walter F. Parkes and Douglas Wick. However, Scott felt Franzoni's dialogue was too "on the nose" lacking subtlety and hired John Logan to rewrite the script to his liking.

Logan rewrote much of the first act and made the decision to kill off Maximus's family to increase the character's motivation. You're being directed by Ridley Scott.

You play a Roman General. With two weeks to go before filming, the actors complained of problems with the script. William Nicholson was brought to Shepperton Studios to make Maximus a more sensitive character.

Nicholson reworked Maximus' friendship with Juba and developed the afterlife thread in the film, saying, "he did not want to see a film about a man who wanted to kill somebody.

According to a DreamWorks executive, Crowe "tried to rewrite the entire script on the spot. You know the big line in the trailer, 'In this life or the next, I will have my vengeance'?

At first he absolutely refused to say it. Even the character didn't exist on the pages. And that set about a long process, that's probably the first time that I've been in a situation where the script wasn't a complete done deal.

We actually started shooting with about 32 pages and went through them in the first couple of weeks. Here was a situation where we got to Morocco with a crew of and a cast of a or whatever, and I didn't have anything to learn.

I actually didn't know what the scenes were gonna be. We had, I think, one American writer working on it, one English writer working on it, and of course a group of producers who were also adding their ideas, and then Ridley himself; and then, on the occasion where Ridley would say, 'Look, this is the structure for it — what are you gonna say in that?

And this is how things like, 'Strength and honor,' came up. This is how things like, 'At my signal, unleash hell,' came up. The name Maximus Decimus Meridius, it just flowed well.

Maximus' habit of rubbing soil before each fight references the attachment and affection to his former life as a farmer. In preparation for filming, Scott spent several months developing storyboards to develop the framework of the plot.

The film was shot in three main locations between January and May The opening battle scenes in the forests of Germania were shot in three weeks in the Bourne Woods , near Farnham , Surrey , in England.

In Malta, a replica of about one-third of Rome's Colosseum was built, to a height of 52 feet The complex was serviced by tented "costume villages" that had changing rooms, storage, armorers, and other facilities.

British post-production company The Mill was responsible for much of the computer-generated imagery effects that were added after filming.

The company was responsible for such tricks as compositing real tigers filmed on bluescreen into the fight sequences, and adding smoke trails and extending the flight paths of the opening scene's salvo of flaming arrows to get around regulations on how far they could be shot during filming.

They also used 2, live actors to create a computer-generated crowd of 35, virtual actors that had to look believable and react to fight scenes.

An unexpected post-production job was caused by the death of Oliver Reed of a heart attack during the filming in Malta, before all his scenes had been shot.

What Oliver did was much greater. He gave an inspiring, moving performance. All we did was help him finish it. The film is loosely based on real events that occurred within the Roman Empire in the latter half of the 2nd century AD.

As Ridley Scott wanted to portray Roman culture more accurately than in any previous film, he hired several historians as advisors.

Nevertheless, some deviations from historical fact were made to increase interest, maintain narrative continuity, and for practical or safety reasons.

Scott also stated that due to the influence of previous films affecting the public perception of what ancient Rome was like, some historical facts were "too unbelievable" to include.

For instance in an early version of the script, gladiators would have been carrying out product endorsements in the arena; while this would have been historically accurate, it was not filmed for fear that audiences would think it anachronistic.

At least one historical advisor resigned due to these changes. Another asked not to be mentioned in the credits though it was stated in the director's commentary that he constantly asked, "where is the proof that certain things were exactly like they say?

Historian Allen Ward of the University of Connecticut believed that historical accuracy would not have made Gladiator less interesting or exciting, stating, "creative artists need to be granted some poetic license, but that should not be a permit for the wholesale disregard of facts in historical fiction".

Costumes in the film are rarely historically correct. Some of the soldiers wear fantasy helmets. The bands wrapped around their lower arms were rarely worn.

Their appearance is the product of a filmic stereotype whereby historical films depict peoples of antiquity wearing such bands. Although the film is set within the 2nd century AD, the Imperial Gallic armor and the helmets worn by the legionaries are from AD 75, a century earlier.

This was superseded by new designs in AD The legions' standard bearers Aquilifer , centurions , mounted forces , and auxiliaries would have worn scale armour, lorica squamata.

The Roman cavalry are shown using stirrups. This is anachronistic in that the horse-mounted forces of the Roman army used a two-horned saddle, without stirrups.

Stirrups were only employed in filming for safety reasons because of the additional training and skill required to ride with a Roman saddle.

They were reserved primarily for sieges and were rarely used in open battles. Fire arrows and canisters fired from catapults were not used at any point in ancient history.

The Praetorian Guards seen in the film are all wearing purple uniforms. No historical evidence supports that. On campaign they usually wore standard legionary equipment with some unique decorative elements.

In the bird's eye view of Rome when the city is introduced for the first time there are several buildings that did not exist at the time of Gladiator.

For example, the Basilica of Maxentius and Constantine is quite prominent, though it was not completed until AD Early in the story, Commodus regards a statue in his father's tent; the statue has no pupils, a trait commonly seen in fiction about the Roman Empire.

In fact, most statues were thought to have painted eyes and pupils at the time when they were created; it was only through the passage of time that the paint would have worn off, leaving the statues with their blank stares.

The film's plot was influenced by two s Hollywood films of the sword-and-sandal genre, The Fall of the Roman Empire and Spartacus , [58] and shares several plot points with The Fall of the Roman Empire , which tells the story of Livius, who, like Maximus in Gladiator , is Marcus Aurelius's intended successor.

Livius is in love with Lucilla and seeks to marry her while Maximus, who is happily married, was formerly in love with her. Both films portray the death of Marcus Aurelius as an assassination.

In Fall of the Roman Empire a group of conspirators independent of Commodus, hoping to profit from Commodus's accession, arrange for Marcus Aurelius to be poisoned; in Gladiator Commodus himself murders his father by smothering him.

In the course of Fall of the Roman Empire Commodus unsuccessfully seeks to win Livius over to his vision of empire in contrast to that of his father, but continues to employ him notwithstanding; in Gladiator , when Commodus fails to secure Maximus's allegiance, he executes Maximus's wife and son and tries unsuccessfully to execute him.

Livius in Fall of the Roman Empire and Maximus in Gladiator kill Commodus in single combat, Livius to save Lucilla and Maximus to avenge the murder of his wife and son, and both do it for the greater good of Rome.

Scott cited Spartacus and Ben-Hur as influences on the film: "These movies were part of my cinema-going youth. Both films also share a specific set piece, wherein a gladiator Maximus here, Woody Strode 's Draba in Spartacus throws his weapon into a spectator box at the end of a match, as well as at least one line of dialogue: "Rome is the mob", said here by Gracchus and by Julius Caesar John Gavin in Spartacus.

The film's depiction of Commodus's entry into Rome borrows imagery from Leni Riefenstahl 's Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will , although Scott has pointed out that the iconography of Nazi rallies was itself inspired by the Roman Empire.

Gladiator reflects back on the film by duplicating similar events that occurred in Adolf Hitler 's procession. The Nazi film opens with an aerial view of Hitler arriving in a plane, while Scott shows an aerial view of Rome, quickly followed by a shot of the large crowd of people watching Commodus pass them in a procession with his chariot.

At one point in the Nazi film, a little girl gives flowers to Hitler, while Commodus is met by several girls who all give him bundles of flowers.

Zimmer was originally planning to use Israeli vocalist Ofra Haza for the score, after his work with her in The Prince of Egypt. However, Haza died in late February , before she was able to record, and so Gerrard was chosen instead.

Lisa Gerrard's vocals are similar to her own work on The Insider score. Some of the music from the film was featured in the NFL playoffs in January before commercial breaks and before and after half-time.

The website's critical consensus reads, "Ridley Scott and an excellent cast successfully convey the intensity of Roman gladiatorial combat as well as the political intrigue brewing beneath.

The Battle of Germania was cited by CNN as one of their "favorite on-screen battle scenes", [74] while Entertainment Weekly named Maximus as their sixth favorite action hero, because of "Crowe's steely, soulful performance", [75] and named it as their third favorite revenge film.

Conversely, Roger Ebert gave the film 2 out of 4 stars, criticizing the look of the film as "muddy, fuzzy, and indistinct.

Of award nominations, the film won 48 prizes. It was the first movie to win Best Picture without winning either a directing or screenwriting award since All the King's Men at the 22nd Academy Awards in In , Chicago became another Best Picture winner which didn't win an Academy Award in either of these two major categories.

The film's mainstream success is responsible for an increased interest in Roman and classical history in the United States.

It's called the 'Gladiator' effect by writers and publishers. The snob in us likes to believe that it is always books that spin off movies. And not for more Roman screen colossals, but for writing that is serious or fun or both.

The character of Maximus was placed 12th in the Total Film list of 50 best movie heroes and villains [91] and 35th in the Empire 's Greatest Movie Characters.

The film was first released on DVD on November 21, , and has since been released in several different extended and special edition versions.

Special features for the Blu-ray Disc and DVDs include deleted scenes , trailers , documentaries , commentaries , storyboards , image galleries, Easter eggs , and cast auditions.

The film was released on Blu-ray in September , in a 2-disc edition containing both the theatrical and extended cuts of the film, as part of Paramount 's "Sapphire Series" Paramount acquired the rights to the film when it bought the DreamWorks library in The DVD editions that have been released since the original two-disc version, include a film only single-disc edition as well as a three-disc "extended edition" DVD which was released in August The extended edition DVD features approximately fifteen minutes of additional scenes, most of which appear in the previous release as deleted scenes.

The original cut, which Scott still calls his director's cut, is also select-able via seamless branching which is not included on the UK edition.

The film is on the first disc, the second one has a three-hour documentary into the making of the film by DVD producer Charles de Lauzirika , and the third disc contains supplements.

Discs one and two of the three-disc extended edition were also repackaged and sold as a two-disc "special edition" in the EU in In June , Douglas Wick said a Gladiator prequel was in development.

However, Russell Crowe was interested in resurrecting Maximus, and further researched Roman beliefs about the afterlife to accomplish this.

This includes a suggestion by Parkes that, in order to enable Russell Crowe to return to play Maximus, a sequel could involve a "multi-generational drama about Maximus and the Aureleans and this chapter of Rome", similar in concept to The Godfather Part II.

In , Scott stated he and Crowe approached Nick Cave to rewrite the film, but their ideas conflicted with DreamWorks's idea of a spin-off involving Lucius, whom Scott revealed would turn out to be Maximus's son with Lucilla.

Scott noted that a tale of corruption in Rome was too complex, whereas Gladiator worked due to its simple drive.

This script for a sequel, however, was rejected as being too far-fetched, and not in keeping with the spirit and theme of the original film.

By November , it was announced that Paramount Pictures is developing a sequel, which Universal has the option to co-finance, with Scott returning as director and Peter Craig writing the script.

In June , Parkes and MacDonald confirmed that the sequel was still in development with Scott and Craig, saying, "We're working with Ridley Scott, that's one we wouldn't touch unless we felt in a way to do it was legitimate.

We're working with an amazing writer as well, Peter Craig. It picks up the story 30 years later From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Redirected from Commodus Gladiator. Theatrical release poster. Hans Zimmer Lisa Gerrard. United States [3] United Kingdom [4].

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Theater Scene".

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